Quiz: How well do you know Berlin’s Subway Stations?

Berlin’s subway system is not only known and loved for their cute yellow trains, but also for the iconic designs of its subway stations. All the different lines sport different styles and colors from different time eras that go through several decades of Berlin history. We traveled through the city one day and tried to capture some details of some of the stations to create this little quiz for you. How well do you know the subway system to be able to guess all of these stations? You can use the colors and tile shapes as clues for where this might be. Good luck!

How to play? Just click on one of the three possible answers underneath the picture and you will immediatly know if you were wrong or right. After that you can click on “Continue” below the answers to get to the next photo. In the end you will see your results below the final answer. Refresh the page to reset the game.

photos: Liz Ketcham

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