When it comes to art exhibitions Berlin is never short on surprises. Of course, especially on the occasions of the Gallery Weekend or Berlin Art Week there are countless presentations of art that will leave you in awe. What I especially enjoy are those exhibitions that use before unseen locations that are so impressive to see that they themselves become part of the art.

This is the case for the new edition of the Räume exhibition concept. In 2016 they took over an old insurance building in Kreuzberg and gave every artist their own room. This year the organizer (and exhibiting artist) Alina Mann found an impressive new space, that I never even heard of before, which is this huge abandoned iron foundry on Berlin-Reinickendorf. This space is not unlike the many other former industrial compounds of Berlin that got a second chance of life or temporary use. But the iron foundry has its very own unique character thanks to some of the machinery still left inside and the very unique and mysterious state of decay of the building that creates an almost haunting atmosphere. It makes discovering the art inside a bit like searching for the ghosts in the dark corners.

While the building itself already makes for a grand artistic statement itself, the art of the over 70 presented artists is also something not to be missed. Their styles and media forms are so diverse ranging from painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and performance that you will be able to discover something completely different around every corner. To curate such a massive exhibition with such different artists in such a particular place is quite the accomplishment.

You can visit the Räume exhibition this week daily from 11-17h, it runs until September 30th, 2018. Note that the place is in Berlin-Reinickendorf (not Prenzlauer Berg, as there is a street there of the same name, so put the ZIP code into your location app as well, address below) and you should not come in fancy light footwear as the floor is quite dusty. Enjoy!


Wolfgang Ganter

Noelia Contreras,  Natalia Santolaria

Sebastian Bieniek

Jan Muche (left), Wolfgang Flad (center)

Sarah Alexander (left), EAT: Annique Delphine, Tania Olivares, Emma McKee (center)

Solar Panel Art Series Collection artist U48

Harriet Groß

Alina Mann

Markus Keibel

Wolfgang Ganter

Matthias Zinn

Norbert Witzgall

Ian Shevack

Pete Wheeler (upstairs), Claudia Barthoi (left), Nicola Stäglich (right)

Annedore Dietze

Simone Haack

exhibition overview

Sabine Groß (far left), Sandra Meisel (middle and front), Thomas Draschan (back)

Tessa Verder

Solar Panel Art Series Collection, Victor Landetta (front)

Marie Aly

Tilman Wendland

Antoinette Adams

Peter Böhnisch

Tim Ernst

Räume 2

curated by Alina Mann

in partnership with Natalie Bergschwinger and Marleen Franke (HNTRLND / Solar Panel Art Series)

with art by Antoinette Adams / Sarah Alexander / Marie Aly / Claudia Barthoi / Olivia Berckemeyer / Sebastian Bieniek / Anja Billing / Antje Blumenstein / Isabelle Borges / Katja Brinkmann / Joanna Buchowska / Peter Böhnisch / Philipp Bünger / Lena Chen / Noelia Contreras / Flavio Degen / Annique Delphine / Annedore Dietze / Thomas Draschan / Tim Ernst / Wolfgang Flad / Wolfgang Ganter / Pauly Gleason / Caroline Gray / Zara Greu / Harriet Groß / Sabine Groß / Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer / Simone Haack / Jens Hausmann / Ruth Hommelsheim / Florian Japp / Lisa Junghanß / Markus Keibel / Bailey Keogh / Isabel Kerkermeier / Peter Klare / Herman Lijftogt / Lavia Lin / Nikolaus List / Catherine Lorent / Manfred Peckl / Alina Mann / Laura Mascarenhas / Emma McKee / Sandra Meisel / Jan Muche / Justus Männel / Rainer Neumeier / Gero Neumeister / Tania Olivares / Ryan Orewiler / Julia Oschatz / Justine Otto / Maja Rohwetter / Bob Ruthman / Natalia Santolaria / Markus Schaller / Sophia Schama / Ian Shevak / Craig Stewart / Nicola Stäglich / Tessa Verder / Sunette Viljoen / Tilman Wendland / Pete Wheeler / Markus Wirthmann / Norbert Witzgall / Jazoo Yang / Kaa Zeitz / Matthias Zinn

Kopenhagenerstraße 60-68, 13407 Berlin – Reinickendorf (S-Bhf Wilhelmsruh)

September 22 – 30, 2018, open 11-17h (Sept 24 & 25 only by appointment)

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on September 25th, 2018
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