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When the founders of Berlin-based massage therapy platform Soulhouse reached out to me a while ago to ask me if I would be interested in trying out their new massage service, they probably had no idea that this would be such a dream opportunity for me. I’m somewhat a massage fanatic and to get offered to try out such a premium service is like Christmas and my birthday is coming together on the same day.

I really love to get massages and I will jump at any opportunity to get one. Whenever I book into a hotel that offers massages, the first thing I’ll do is book one at the earliest time possible. When I discover a new massage studio in my neighborhood, I’ll be the first one to try it out. And pretty much all of my previous and current partners have come under pressure to give me massages. So, clearly, I’m an expert now in the field of receiving massages and I won’t shy away from sharing my qualified opinion 😉

For me, massages are not just about style, strength, or technique. It’s about so much more than that. Even though I usually prefer to receive massages without talking, communication and connection to the massage giver (or massage therapist if you wanna stay professional) are one of the most important things. It makes a huge difference if the therapist is making an effort to really give you the best experience possible. Many times if you book a massage in a spa or studio at the end of the business day the therapist will just execute their program on you and you have to be “lucky” that it somewhat matches your needs and preferences. Unfortunately, it happens way too rarely that a therapist will actually ask you a few questions at the beginning of the treatment.



This is probably the one point where my experience with Soulhouse really got me. Part of their concept is finding the right therapist for you and checking in with you about your preferences and needs. It sounds like that should be common sense, but in my experience, it doesn’t actually happen that often.


When you book your home massage appointment with Soulhouse you will get a lot of options for available therapists that come to your area. You will be able to read up a bit on their personal philosophy and how they describe their practice. The best part for me was the little video portraits that give you such a good impression of the therapists and will let you get an idea if you will be vibing with them. Each one of them offers different massage techniques that include traditional massage, Thai, Shiatsu, Sport, Lomi Lomi, Lymph Drainage, Prenatal, Wellness, and a few more. (FYI, prices start at 69 EUR for an hour.)

When your therapist actually arrives at your place for your booked appointment the session will start with a consultation. I loved this part because it was really the first time after having hundreds of massages that someone actually evaluated my needs and preferences and really listened to me and what my massage should ideally be like. Of course, the highly trained therapists from Soulhouse come with so much knowledge and expertise that you begin to understand yourself and your body much better during the consultation. Of course, if you are not as heady about massages as I am, then you can just go for it, share your preferred pressure level and let them do the evaluation of your body themselves.

In my case, the consultation led to a massage that was so fully tailored to my pain points and preferred areas that I felt so physically relieved and relaxed afterward like I haven’t been in a while. Actually, while I’m writing this I get such a strong craving to get another massage like that.



The consultation, in the beginning, was not the only type of communication that happened during my session. Without words, I felt like the therapist took cues from my physical reactions and sounds I made, either going softer or stronger or staying in one area that felt particularly good. This is of course a skill that might be particular to a certain therapist, but it felt like such a treat to be heard like that without having to say anything (especially since I really dislike talking while being treated).

What I also really appreciated, and this is a fixture in the Soulhouse concept, is that the therapist created a bit of spa ambiance in my own home with relaxing music and incense. It’s little details like that that will help me to really relax and let go of the tension and thoughts of everyday life.

If you got the impression from my little review here that I actually really loved the experience: You are dead right! I couldn’t recommend this any higher. If I were to come up with a massage business (and it’s not like it hasn’t actually crossed my mind) I would pretty much do it like the makers of Soulhouse are doing it. I’m glad I got to try out their service and now I look forward to visiting them soon in their Soulhouse studio in Berlin which will open later this year.

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