The Studio of Wonders Fulfills Your Selfie Dreams

A luscious jungle without any tourists in it? An empty underground train wagon and a super high up rooftop without any spectators? Yes, these places really are in Berlin and not part of a dystopian fantasy. And they are waiting for you to take your picture with them!

Leipziger Platz, the little brother of Potsdamer Platz, now has a new attraction to show off – the Studio of Wonders. The Selfie Paradise follows in the footsteps of a new wave of Selfie Galleries that have emerged as an ongoing trend worldwide. Born from Instagram’s ideal to constantly deliver new exciting photographs to show off to an online audience, the Studio of Wonders helps his curious visitors to create new content with 20 different dreamy and unusual scenes on 500 spacious square meters. 

When a pandemic hits and all you see for months is your own four walls, places like these feel like Disneyland. Pose inside of a real-life candy land or feel like an 2000’ R’n’B star when posing in a mirrored, lit room. Since you’re probably most interested in what the photo spots are going to look like – stay tuned! We went all out posing for you. And the best part is: We had it all to ourselves for 90 minutes, as we reserved here in advance. No queuing, no running, no photo envy – we got it all in one slot. 

When we heard about it, we couldn‘t help but get excited to try it out! To be honest, it felt like a guilty pleasure you enjoy a little too much. And it really did highlight the Dorian Grey in all of us. But when you go to a selfie gallery, you either go hard or go home! So we went. Hard.







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