The Weekend Party Guide ( A Berliner is relaxed )

The Weekend Party Guide ( A Berliner is relaxed )

Raz Ohara

Last week a hysterical, very very fat person ( oops ) saw me queing on the loo of some club and, out of nothing, slapped my face slightly saying: I hate you. I was like yeah whatever, what is your problem anyway. She said where she comes from ( San Francisco ), people don’t have that attitude, like, they smile. You don’t want to know my answer, promise, but this is just one incident of a dozen that I have been a witness of over the years. In another Club I saw this dude trying to get into a conversation with a meanwhile quite famous female MTV presenter who didn’t really answer him cause he was drunk and not too attractive I guess. He then called her ugly bitch and sl.t and stuff like that. I mean, come on guys. Even if Berlin is a place that doesn’t seem to have any boundaries, we may not be the friendliest people of this earth, but we let others do their thing. Here you can be whatever you want to, heto, gay, a slut, bi, trans, weird, an Emo, ugly, a virgin, a hand model, a hipster, a freak, even a country boy or a conservative, or a law student: we don’t care. But don’t be surprised if a Berliner doesn’t smile. It’s not in his nature. Fun parties for friendly ( means relaxed ) people after the jump: Read on…

Last Chance for a Dance!

A week and a day left until Christmas eve! This weekend is your last chance for a night out in a pre-Christmas-Berlin. Let me tell you, Christmas and New Year’s Day, both relatively exciting, but then there is nothing but a very long winter. Enjoy the snow and the lights in December, cause January and February are really gross. Comfy is that both months are a good time for party nights, long partynights. Like the ones right after the jump:

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