Shop different at Bikini Berlin

Shop different at Bikini Berlin

On Thursday the highly anticipated Bikini Berlin opened its doors to the public after years of rennovations. What was once an old building with terrible shops is now a fancy, hipster shopping mall. Their slogan “Shop different” is really taken quite literal because this is surely not another Alexa. Instead of highstreet fashion you will find boutiques of local designers such as adddress, Umasan and Mykita, as well as concept stores with a mixed offering of international and local brands such as Acne, Stella McCartney and Esther Perbandt. You will find not only fashion but also exceptional interior design products for example in the amazing new Gestalten Gallery as well as books and selected design consumer electronics. Get a first impression with my photo set after the jump and than head over there, it’s also open on Sunday this weekend.

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What to swap?



For those who might wonder, what kind of clothes there will be at the SKYY SWAP MARKET, apart from all the vintage pearls that you guys are bringing to the Swap Spots Das Neue Schwarz, La Lip and Glücklich Am Park these days there is also gonna be lots of great clothes by the hottest young and avantgarde designers in town which are:

C.Neeon, JULIAANDBEN, Adddress, Esther Perbandt, A.D.Deertz, Franzius, Blame, Mikenke, Moga E Mago, Carni, Aschön, Burkhardt Möllmann, Howitzweissbach, Von Bardonitz, Ica Watermelon, Magdalena Schaffrin, Tata Christiane, Maniko, Comtesse de la Haye, Gabriel & Schwan, 25 Pieces and quite a few more.

After the jump you will get a small preview of some of the pieces that are gonna be available at the market. We will publish them all one by one on the new Designer Scouts blog. Make sure to register for the swap market and for the party here.

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.HBC Couture: Designer Scouts


photo: Katja Hentschel

As some of you might know we off-of iHeartBerlin have our busy little hands in many pots. One of the by-products of this modest little blog is the .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts fashion show that takes place for the second time during Berlin Fashion Week this coming Thursday at 19h at our beloved .HBC. It has been mad for me in the last couple of weeks putting everything together so CR and Suz will be more active on the blog while I will be running aroung hysterically screaming “Lights, models, guestlist… just do you best, darling!”

To be honest, I’m super excited about the new show. Not only have we renowned Berlin-based designers adddress and Esther Perbandt in our program, we also have a fantastic line-up of 7 young designers and start-up labels, that are showing their runway debuts and new collections. The fashion show itself is a closed event for press and fashion professionals, but we have 2×2 tickets to win for our readers after the jump. Also we are inviting everyone to the official public After Show Party that will start right after the show at 22:30h at .HBC.

After the jump you will see the teaser trailer to the event (made by no other than Katja off-of Glamcanyon-fame), a preview of all our designers and what else they are up to during Fashion Week, and you’ll get all the details for the raffle and party.

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