A Guide to Berlin Fashion: Menswear

A Guide to Berlin Fashion: Menswear

Sadak / Hien Le

Berlin has found its place in the global fashion circus. Not in the realm of the big four yet (New York, Paris, Mailand, London), but has made a name of itself for crazy, edgy and experimental fashion designs. No matter where, with fashion the focus mostly lies on women (for a change). However, especially Berlin offers some fine designers showcasing that there is more to menswear than pants and a T-shirt. And, that Berlin can do more than all-black-everything. Here is a collection of our favorite brands making the men of the capital look good.

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Rising Phoenix

When I heard that A.D.Deertz was closing her flagship store at Kastanienallee earlier this year and would not make a summer 2011 collection, I was a little bit afraid that she would go out of business as so many cool Berlin-based designers have done over the past years. When I asked designer Wibke Deertz about it she assured me that she is not quitting but only taking a break. Back then I wondered, can you take a break from fashion for one season and then just come back? I think many designers wouldn’t dare to leave a season out because it could send the wrong signal out into the industry. It could look like a sign of failure.

But that is nothing but narrow-minded. Designers – just like everyone else – sometimes just need a break to regain their strength, collect new ideas, re-think their business, follow other projects, or just go on a long extended vacation. I’m sure every designer who works like a monkey to produce two collections per year would dream of a little time out.

Wibke took her time out. And now she is back. With a new concept and a new store. Come celebrate the rising phoenix this Saturday at Torstr. 106. Details after the jump.

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What to swap?



For those who might wonder, what kind of clothes there will be at the SKYY SWAP MARKET, apart from all the vintage pearls that you guys are bringing to the Swap Spots Das Neue Schwarz, La Lip and Glücklich Am Park these days there is also gonna be lots of great clothes by the hottest young and avantgarde designers in town which are:

C.Neeon, JULIAANDBEN, Adddress, Esther Perbandt, A.D.Deertz, Franzius, Blame, Mikenke, Moga E Mago, Carni, Aschön, Burkhardt Möllmann, Howitzweissbach, Von Bardonitz, Ica Watermelon, Magdalena Schaffrin, Tata Christiane, Maniko, Comtesse de la Haye, Gabriel & Schwan, 25 Pieces and quite a few more.

After the jump you will get a small preview of some of the pieces that are gonna be available at the market. We will publish them all one by one on the new Designer Scouts blog. Make sure to register for the swap market and for the party here.

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Temporary Designer Sale


Von Bardonitz

Today a big designer sale is going to open up for 4 weeks at Oderbergerstraße 48. Many cool Berlin-based designer will be there, quite a few that have also been part of .HBC Couture: Designer Scouts which are JULIAANDBEN, A.D.Deertz, Von Bardonitz and DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGERS. Also quite interesting are Butterfly Soulfire, Lapaporter, Poti Poti, Esther Perband, Penkov and Boessert/Schorn. There will also be some art and photography. It’s gonna be open from Monday through Saturday from noon till eight. Pop by!