Amanda Blank’s Ass

Amanda Blank at Admiralspalast

No, this is not an applicational blog post to become a co-writer of Amy&Pink. But when I saw Amanda Blank coming on stage at last Wednesday’s Vice party at Admiralspalast there was one thing that almost excited me more then her exceptionally cool music: her perfect ass. More impressions of this and other body parts of the young lady after the jump.

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Hail Myself!

The Producers

Who needs a gay Indianer if they can have a gay Hitler? Well, with all the gayness going on in this city there is one show that really stands out, and that not only because it is being advertised like madness: The Producers, an Austrian musical production based on the cult movie of the same name by Mel Brooks, is now playing at Admiralspalast. If you like musicals you will have a lot of fun with this one. Especially the Hitler musical within the musical is absolutely hilarious. More images after the jump.

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