Staying Safe and Getting Help in Berlin

Staying Safe and Getting Help in Berlin

photos: Frailfail

Part of my answer to ‘what draws you to Berlin?’ is it being this exciting metropolis where all cultures mix and interact. Life here changes from one minute to the other, making each day a unique experience that keeps me on edge, as I try to be part of everything the city offers.

This lifestyle, however, doesn’t only have a positive side to it. This constant business and change can be overwhelming and stressful, turning the fairy tale into a nightmare. In big cities like Berlin, where the levels of excitement, challenges, temptations are always on max, it should be our primary concern that we keep ourselves safe, maintaining our peace no matter what; ‘When we love ourselves we can love others’, and other Eat Pray Love cliches, in this case stand surprisingly true. There is absolutely no shame in getting help, us is all we got,  so our well being should come before any fear of mom, friend, employer being judgmental. Sometimes it’s little things we need to do to decompress, like jogging, meditating, knitting, whatever works. Other times though, balance is a bit harder to find: Instead of ignoring the signs or avoiding it, we owe ourselves to reach out to a professional helping hand, and Berlin gives us quite a few options to help us get back on track.

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Please cry for us, Maria

Apart from the auction Mauri started on his blog, we would like to raise awareness to another really cool idea from the Jugend gegen Aids Stiftung. Together with Stefan Strumbel, one of our most favourite artists by the way, they did a real funny art exhibition protesting against the Catholic church. For every new facebook friend they get, a Holy Maria statue will cry one tear. In the end the holy mother will be drowned by her own tears. That’s a good way to protest, and a very good way to find more facebook fans for a good cause. Watch the video with all the details after the jump. Read on…