The Polyamorous Affair


All the events of the Berlin Music Week are coming down on me these days and I feel flooded with concerts, parties and what not. But in all this madness we shall not forget the little things. Like the record release party of The Polyamorous Affair this coming Friday at the Blind Date Swingers Club at Roter Salon. The electro pop band from LA has been residing in Copenhagen and Berlin now for a while and played during Berlin Fashion Week at projektGalerie and just recently at Stattbad.

Eddie Chacon, one half of the band, might not be a stranger to many of you. With his former band Charles and Eddie he wrote the early 90s super hit Would I Lie To You, as well as many other famous songs. After the jump you can watch their lastest video and see the details of the party.

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I’m in love. I can’t let go of it and I keep bugging people about it. It has been quite a while since a song managed to abduct me from reality into a distant state of mind. Another city far away from Berlin. Matthew Dear calls it Black City. Listen to Slowdance after the jump.

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Journey to the 80s


Alison Goldfrapp once said she hated the 80s. Then I really wonder why the new Goldfrapp album Head First that will be released in March is full of mid and late 80s synth tunes. It really took me a while to get used to this as I’m not such a big fand of the 80s as well. My first reaction to the single Rocket that is already making the rounds on the interdolly was slight disappointment. But the song grew on me and now I find myself singing loadly on my way to the subway: “Ohoho, I got a rocket. Ohoho, you’re going on it.” More about the new album after the jump.

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Win Myriad Creatures Tickets and Album


Jamie is a well-rounded comedian with a soft spot for the ladies, a most cheeky grin and a kind word to say to all and sundry. Matt is the most generous-hearted young man with cool spectacles and penchant for mischief. Duncan is a suave and ridiculously good-looking specimen of a man with splindly legs and a dripping heart. Andy is the most charming, debonair and happy Creature – he hates you, he loves you, wait and see!

This Friday Berlin based indiepop newcomer band the Myriad Creatures will celebrate the release of their debut album The Right Way To Do Wrong with a concert and party at Zapata in Mitte. You can win 2×2 tickets for the album release party and the brand new album which will be out tomorrow right after the jump.

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