The Bio Picknick

Bio Picknick

With this wonderful weather there is one thing people from the city are craving for: A picknick outside in nature. The ecoShowroom at Almstadtstraße is organizing exactly that. Together with the Möbelwerkstadt Werder they are inviting to a Bio Picknick and a walk through the woods at the Ribbecker Forst on June 19th 2011. At the picknick you will be able to try and taste the products available at the ecoShowroom. During the walk through the forest you will learn more about sustainability of forestry. You can still register for the little tour until Monday June 6th. Learn more about it at the website of the ecoShowroom.

Super Vintage Super Store


On a small side street in Mitte, at the corner of Almstadtstrasse and Schendelgasse, only a two minute walk from the busy main street where shops such as Adidas and Nike are located, you’ll find a nice place where you can have a chat and a coffee. But I don’t want to introduce you to the cafe that is upstairs but to the vintage shop holding lots of treasures that you’ll find if you climb down the spiral stairs.

The Superstore is run by Asta from Reykjavik, David from New York and Yam from Valencia, who met in Berlin and decided to open a shop together. They regularly go around Europe to collect the finest clothes for their shop thus there are interesting and unique pieces to find. Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses for example, a cute dress that every girl just wants to take home or a jacket so sparkling you are gonna be the center of attention. Look at my choice of pieces after the jump.

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