Amanda Blank’s Ass

Amanda Blank at Admiralspalast

No, this is not an applicational blog post to become a co-writer of Amy&Pink. But when I saw Amanda Blank coming on stage at last Wednesday’s Vice party at Admiralspalast there was one thing that almost excited me more then her exceptionally cool music: her perfect ass. More impressions of this and other body parts of the young lady after the jump.

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I Might Like You Better


The first time I heard about Amanda Blank was during the Levi´s Berlin Unbuttoned event a few months back. I actually missed the concert, but I did not miss her album which is now on rotation on the treadmill at the gym. If you like Santigold and M.I.A. then you will also like Amanda. Get a taste of her after the jump.

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Berlin Unbuttoned

Boys Noize by Sir William

Boys Noize

If you think this Monday couldn’t get any madder as it already has been, think again. Because the  Levi’s Unbuttoned Event is coming to Berlin next week with a big party at Astra and a line-up that easily qualifies as mad: Boys Noize, one of the hottest remixers you can get nowadays, and the indie rockers of The Subways being the bigger names aboard. But newcomers Esser from the UK with his fresh electronically infused indie-pop songs and Amanda Blank who could very well be the sister of M.I.A. (at least music-wise) are equally promising. Italien DJ duo The Crookers and Berlin resident Shir Khan complete the list. The party will not be open to the public, buhu!! But towards the end of the week we might offer you a solution to that, yeay!! Meanwhile you can try your luck here. After the jump you will find lot’s of pictures, videos and free music downloads for your consuming pleasure.

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