Colorterror by Anna Wegelin

My dear fellow blogger and talented young designer Anna Wegelin (a.k.a. Lachsbrötchen) just came out with a fun and colorful new collection of headwear titled Colorterror. After her amazing Berlin Fashion Week debut with her outstanding collection Lapka, this is now her return as a solo designer after working for Viktor&Rolf in Amsterdam last year. Take a look at her turban collection after the jump. All models are available in her webshop now, so order now to get yours in time for Berlin Fashion Week!

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Berlin Fashion Week Event & Party Guide

photo by Katja Hentschel

Next week is Fashion Week here in Berlin, hurrah! For us it’s definately one of the most exciting times of the year, especially since we are doing five events of our own this time. But as you know most of the events during Berlin Fashion Week are not even public but only for fashion professionals (and those who manage to sneak themselves in). But there still are quite a lot of events and parties that everyone can go to and we want to give you a little guide of the best ones. On top of that you can win a few copies of the brand new fashion book Berlin Catwalks.

Seven days of fashion, pick your favorite parties, exhibitions, sales, shows and events after the jump.

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Couture Eggs Charity Auction #2

Couture Eggs

Couture Egg by Reality Studio

And here we have the second batch of Couture Eggs by JULIAANDBEN, Reality Studio, Anna Wegelin, Phoebe Heess and Proportion. Now all the eggs are online for the Charity auction! If you want to see the eggs live in an installation by set-designer Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm come to the vernissage on Thursday at the Achteinhalb Store. Register here.

Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to the children’s charity organization Plan and their Japan program. The other half will go to the organization Prince of Maputo in Mozambique that will build a standpipe for a children’s home in Maputo. More about this next week. See the five remaining eggs and make your bid for a good cause after the jump.

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Couture Easter Eggs


This Easter we will turn the traditional kitchy family holiday upside down and transform it into something more contemporary and fashionable. Together with the team of Achteinhalb we have asked  our favorite avant-garde designers to create Easter Eggs for us – we call them Couture Eggs. The designers are Anna Wegelin, Burkhardt/Möllmann, C.NeeonEsther Perbandt, JULIAANDBEN, Parsival Cserer, Paula Immich, Phoebe Heess, Proportion, Reality Studio and Von Bardonitz.

These unique eggs will be auctioned off here on the blog starting late on Monday April 18 until Friday April 22, 2011. The proceeds will be donated to children’s charity and Japan disaster relief organizations. On Thursday the eggs will be presented live at a vernissage the Achteinhalb Concept Store. More details and photos after the jump.

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A necklace for Japan

While the public mind has moved on to the tragic death of an ice bear and a Hollywood diva the people of Japan are still devastated by the natural catastrophe that has struck the country about 10 days ago and the looming danger of radioactive contamination. It is one thing to express your sympathy and shock on facebook, but quite another to become pro-active and contribute something to support the people of Japan.

Young designer Anna Wegelin – a.k.a. Lachsbrötchen from Hamburg – has taken matters into her own hands, as she loves Japan – just like we do! She has quickly put together a special Japan edition of her popular Fokahontas leather necklace that you can purchase now through her blog. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to an organization that helps the victims of the catastrophe. More photos after the jump.

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Designer Scouts Showcase at Achteinhalb

Designer Scouts Showcase

Today was the last day of the DESIGNER SCOUTS SHOWCASE at the Achteinhalb Concept Store. The grand opening on Wednesday was a great success. The designers created great looking installations in which they placed their models like moving manneqins in a decorated shop window. The wonderful Anna Wegelin presented her colorful collection “Lapka” in a playful environment with dolls wearing miniature versions of her outfits. It was absolutely fun to look at. The amazing Phoebe Heess created a completely different look with big black stripes hanging down from the ceiling mimiking details from her “Amarok” collection. All in black it was a totally stunning contrast to Anna’s color explosion.

Beyond the Valley presented themselves with a dramatic and quite elaborate fashion film about clothes taking on a life of its own, but with a very surprising ending. You can check it out online here. For my own accessorie label Carni I chose to seduce the guests with two handsome models offering delicious cupcakes in the style of my collection.

Anna, Phoebe and me also have a photo exhibition of our collections in the store that will go on until Febuary 19th. Impressions of the beginning and the end of the night, as well as the showroom photographed by me after the jump. Many beautiful photos of the main part of the evening by photographer André Wagner can be found over here.

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