What to swap?



For those who might wonder, what kind of clothes there will be at the SKYY SWAP MARKET, apart from all the vintage pearls that you guys are bringing to the Swap Spots Das Neue Schwarz, La Lip and Glücklich Am Park these days there is also gonna be lots of great clothes by the hottest young and avantgarde designers in town which are:

C.Neeon, JULIAANDBEN, Adddress, Esther Perbandt, A.D.Deertz, Franzius, Blame, Mikenke, Moga E Mago, Carni, Aschön, Burkhardt Möllmann, Howitzweissbach, Von Bardonitz, Ica Watermelon, Magdalena Schaffrin, Tata Christiane, Maniko, Comtesse de la Haye, Gabriel & Schwan, 25 Pieces and quite a few more.

After the jump you will get a small preview of some of the pieces that are gonna be available at the market. We will publish them all one by one on the new Designer Scouts blog. Make sure to register for the swap market and for the party here.

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More then just pretty


We are sure you can’t wait to show some of your most gorgeous outfits at the upcoming Fashion Week. But perhaps you are missing the right accessory to get the attention of the fashion hungry street style photographers. For that we are giving you the chance to win some fashionable scarves of the Berlin based label aschön. The designer gave us three pieces of her summer collection for our style loving readers. How to win one of the beautiful scarves you will read after the jump.

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Face to Face


No city gives street artists so much credit like Berlin does. I love to see tourist photographing little Lucys with her cat or other artworks. One really nice artist whose work was on my radar since he did the design colaboration with the scarf designer Aschön is PABO. PABO’s distinctive portraits have been appearing at carefully selected spots around Berlin.

He will show his work this Friday at Superplan. This little Gallery is not only known for its urban inspired exhibitions but also for quite affordable prints. Take a look after the jump for more work of PABO and the flyer of the exhibition.

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Atypical Beauty


I recently discovered a new Berlin accessory label which I think you need to know about. Inspired by cinema and music icons of the past the label Aschön presents stunning scarf pieces in their new collection. I am especially fond of the artistic approach to the portraits. They kind of show me a total different view on the displayed personalities. Well, I wish I could have them all. More pictures and where to get the scarves after the jump.

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