Cinéma de Mode: Colour Control with Juce + WIN ASOS Gift

Cinéma de Mode: Colour Control with Juce + WIN ASOS Gift

Today we finally have a brand new Cinéma de Mode for you after we served you such a big load at our first live CdM fashion film event in October. Of course for the come back we wanted something special, so it’s not just an ordinary film, but something rather special and unique. It’s a fun interactive film from online fashion boutique  ASOS who created a music video for upcoming British girl band Juce and her new song The Heat.

But this is not just a normal music video, here you can change the whole color theme of the video during playback. You see the girls perform their song in a colorful and playful set along with some cute boy models. But if you click the color bars in the bottom all the colors and clothes change immediatly so you ultimately have 5 different versions to change back and forth between. Enjoy the fun interactive music video by ASOS for Juce after the jump.

UPDATE: We have some great news for all the fans of ASOS: They gave us a pair of £100 vouchers for you to spend in their shop. Learn how to win after the jump.

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In the House of ASOS

ASOS Headquarters

Imagine this antique Grecian temple where mystical rituals happen and a supreme divinity is adored. Well, if fashion is a God the headquarters of ASOS are its temple. Or where else in the world do hundreds of photo and catwalk video shoots, design sessions, trend discussions and editorial meetings take place at the same time in the same place. A busy busy place opened its doors for us during our trip to London and we where more than amazed about the tons of impression we got in just one day. We talked to the head of design of the menswear devision about the developement of ASOS, the press guy showed us the new collection, the marketing lady introduced us to the new Urban Tour menswear campaign and we had lunch with the head of the German branch whose in-house nickname is simply “Germany”.  To share our experience we took many snapshots, to get an impression take a look after the jump.

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We Heart London’s East End

Urban Tour London

This past weekend we went on an Urban Tour for ASOS and explored the “Kreuzkölln” of London: The East End, including Shoreditch, Hackney and – most importantly – Brick Lane. This small but famous street and its surrounding sidestreets and alleys are known and loved for its numerous vintage shops, fleamarkets, urban art galleries, famous street art sights, curry houses, as well as for its multi-cultural inhabitants, young creatives, fashionistas and hip tourists.

On a sunny day we wandered around the area taking photos of the most interesting things. We found charming little cafes, the work of familiar street artists, cool fashion boutiques and much more. Come follow us on our photo tour with many recommendations after the jump.

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ASOS Urban Tour

On Friday we will be travelling to London to visit online fashion retailer ASOS and take part in the Urban Tour that introduces their brand new Fall/Winter 2011 menswear selection. Check out the exciting new ASOS Urban Tour website that explores the style of the cities Berlin, Paris, London, New York and LA. On the website you can see an amazing urban dance video with enhanced interactive shopping features. Really nifty! Stay tuned to follow us on the tour…

Tell us your favorite place and win!

As a blog who features cool places in Berlin we are often asked what our all-time favourite hot-spot of the city is. Usually we respond to the question with a shrug. There simply are too many great locations to decide for just one. So, we were once again struggling for an answer when Range Rover popped the question on us the other day.

For practical reasons we are now diverting this question to you, our clever readership. What is your favorite place in Berlin at the moment and why? It can be everything from public places, bars, galleries, shops, restaurants, cafés, fashion studios, parties, cultural meeting points or even a group of people. Anything that is special to you and that excites you. Leave a comment below with your answer and get a chance to win a 300 EUR gift voucher from ASOS and 4×2 exclusive tickets for the secret Range Rover party. You have time until December 31st 2010.

All your suggestions will be uploaded to the Range Rover website and people will be able to vote for the best places. The places with the highest votes will then be explored by us and introduced in detail.

Now thinking about it there is one place I could call my favorite of this year: It’s the recently rediscovered Madame Claude. Don’t you just love places where cute blondes are hanging from the ceiling?