Mysterious Bach – Classical Pop-Up Concerts in Secret Locations

Mysterious Bach – Classical Pop-Up Concerts in Secret Locations

photo: Konzerthaus Berlin

The weekend awaits you – fun parties, dancing to cool beats, a glass in your hand. We’re always looking forward to some exciting hours to get away from the daily working. But what about after the weekend starting the week with some gentle sounds and a small alternative program?

After a while we’re really in the mood to listen to some classical sounds and now we have the pleasure to share with you some great evenings at Konzerthaus Berlin. On the occasion of the Bach Marathon, taking place on November 28th, you have the chance to enjoy a warm-up with series of small pop- up concerts which take place from the 24th – November 27th. This is a beautiful and very special alternative to everything our city offers us in the field of all kinds of music. Get to know what is so special about it after the jump. Read on…



Did you ever consider a synthesizer as a fetish object? Probably not. Young Argentinean director and musician Santiago Blaum however will give you a taste of it with his debut piece playing this Friday at Hau 3. In his opera Switch On he will enable you  to reach a different sphere with a multidisciplinary first class ensemble that will change your ideas about classical and electronic music completely. An evening that shows a part of western music history from a non-European point of view. Dates after the switch.

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