Berlin Festival 2011

Bag Raiders

There are three main reasons why the Berlin Festival for me is like the best festival that I know of. One: It’s in Berlin, which means I don’t have to sleep in a tent. Two: Even though it’s partly outdoors all areas still have a roof, so no fear of heavy rain. Three: The line-up is the most amazing I have seen in… forever! Just by briefly flicking through the overview of all the acts I count at least 10 that I definately want to see on September 9 and 10, 2011 at Tempelhof Airport. And I haven’t even taken a closer look at some of the bands that I don’t know yet but that might be equally cool. After the jump you’ll see a few of my highlights of the festival and the related music videos. Suz and Claudio will write about their hightlights in the following weeks and stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates in the line-up.

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During my trip through sunny Barcelona, Madrid, Porto and Lissabon the debut album of Australian house band Bag Raiders has become the soundtrack of this vacation. And even though it is coming to an end I will easily get back to it by listening to Sunlight and Shooting Star. See the cute video of Sunlight after the jump.

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