Oz: The Wonderful Wizard

All pictures: Enrico Nawrath

I am looking at the story of the Wizard of Oz from a feminist perspective right now. Three men and a woman in search of what they are missing the most. While the men are seeking personal attributes (intelligence, emotions, courage), the woman’s wish is just to get away as quickly as possible from this foursome date and go home. Because in contrast to the men she is pretty happy with herself. Iana Salenko who is the lead dancer Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz ballet by the Berlin Staatsballet should have been somewhat less satisfied with her performance. But the versatile qualities of the four male dancers, the colorful costumes and the  creative sets totally made up for that. This piece is definately worth a visit, even for people who are not into ballet. Some impressions and the play times after the jump. In the German version you can read a more detailed review.

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The Train to Oz

photo: Svenja Klein

People have the tendency to feel threatened by marketing. Maybe not so much when marketing becomes a surprising pleasure and definately not at all when the  marketing object is not a big brand but an artistic project like a ballet. I was really surprised that our Berliner Staatsballett had the guts to just do something like a flash mob. In the conservative dance world this must be considered absolutely crazy. One hundred dancers from the company and from the ballet school gathered around  at Berlin Hauptbahnhof last Thursday and showed a little choreography of their upcoming ballet: OZ – The Wonderful Wizard. Even if there are for sure better flash mobs out there I liked the end of it very much when the station speakerphone announced the departure for the train to Oz. This is the kind of magic that gives me goosebumps. But maybe I just read too many Harry Potter books. The video of the flash mob and the date of the first show after the jump.

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