Listening to music with Hannes Smith

„Somebody has great plans here, and chances are good he might succeed. With him, the Deep House scene can enjoy a little popstar moment.“ That’s what the Debug said about Hannes Smith’s last EP on Etoka Shapes.

As a a matter of fact, there is not much electronic music out there that is just as exiting and beautiful as his. Anyone who has seen him performing live can confirm this.

In our interview with Hannes Smith, we talked about music by Beirut, The Kills, Franz Schubert and Apparat.

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Win Tickets for the Berlin Festival

Apparat Band

Yesterday evening I went to a bar with friends taking seat at a table with other people who were about to discuss the ticket prices of the Berlin Festival. They said they would really like to go but thought it was too expensive. We then tried to convince them (and ourselves) why this year’s Berlin Festival is worth going. Guess what, I think we made it. The line up is simply too good. More about the bands and how to win tickets after the jump:

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