Bye Bye Birdie


photo by Philo Nordlund

Two days ago I received an email that shocked me. The Belleville in Mitte which carries labels like Rozab del Mura, Bo Van Melskens, airbag and FIN among others is closing down. Having moved in there for a month in June during SUKA SUKA, I felt a * Thud * as I read Fredericke’s email.

Call it what you want and blame it on the rain or the ‘Financial Crisis’, the debateable bad location, or a store that after 5 years, simply wasn’t able to keep the Benjamin’s flowing, that jet-black bird is taking off (if you’ve been to the store, you’ll know what I mean). So starting September 1st til the 30th a ‘Last Days Clearance Sale‘ on pretty much everything in the store, allows you the chance to shop while you pay your last respects. As long as it doesn’t hold up the foundations of the store, then it’s for sale. Bye-bye Belleville, you’ll be missed. Details after the click.

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Sukasuka Spiel

Sukasuka Pop-Up Store

Suka-suka is a Malaysian word that means to have fun, to enjoy yourself and to be happy. Or as I like to term it – it’s 1 part fun, 2 parts excitement. And it’s a concept, which we (a dear friend and I) decided to run with and translate into a (not so) little project that opened its doors a few days ago – a pop-up store and showroom in Mitte. Our Sukasuka tale continues after the jump.

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