The Weekly Event Guide

The Weekly Event Guide

Marina And The Diamonds

This week has a series of great concerts (most of them as part of the Melt Club Weekender) including Austra, Marina And The Diamonds and T.E.E.D., a queer Prom party, a French-Polish dinner and another Blind Date Swingers Club. These and more events after the jump.

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The Weekly Event Guide

Rangleklods by Jeppe Svendsen

This week is the week of the returns. On Wednesday the Blind Date Swingers Club Mix CD Exchange Party is coming back with new rules and new venue after a longer break, also the Travelettes Christmas Market is back with a big charity tomobola, and finally Rangleklods who is one of my favorite upcoming electronic music acts has returned to Berlin for two live gigs this weekend. Check out all of these events and more after the jump.

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The Female Week

photo: Christoph Wehrer for The Offer

This week is all about the women. Talking vaginas, working girls, female serial killers, artists, DJs and designers. What would this city be without its creative women?! Exactly: strictly gay! The events after the jump.

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A Party Guide with Glitter

The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson's

This weekend is basically an explosion in terms of parties. There is the Berlin Festival and all the other events of Berlin Music Week that bring along a truckload of parties and concerts. And then there is the seasonal closing of the Bar25 which will surely involve a lot of glitter and confetti!

But with all these big players we shall not forget about the little ones, like the Un-Opening of Pavilion, the Blind Date Swingers Club, the Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s and the Pink Pong Party at the Bar25 Spa. The flyers with infos after the jump.

If you’re up for a cool early evening program you might wanna check out the two orchestras that are playing at Stattbad Wedding on Saturday.

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Beer and Champagne


Jimbo Starlight

While it was kind of tricky to gather enough cool events for our weekly party guide lately this week is absolutely and it will be hard to decide where to go. Will we sip champagne in the Malzfabrik, go on a blind date at the Hoppetosse, get sick at Picknick or wasted at Panorama Bar? Oh what the hell, we are only young once, so let’s do it ALL! The parties after the jump.

Members of our Facebook Group have the chance to win guestlist spots for the DFA Night at .HBC this Saturday. So you better join now.

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The young Swingers

Blind Date Swingers Club #5

The swinging youngsters fell over the .HBC on Friday like a hord of horny animals. The Blind Date Swingers Club Mix CD Exchange finally has a place that actually holds all the teens and twens it attracts. Did somebody get our mix CD? Impressions after the jump.

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Blind Date Swingers Club #4

Blind Date Swingers Club 4

The next Blind Date Swingers Club Mix CD Exchange Party will take place on December 4th at HBC. Luckily, because this one was once again in a location that was just too small to hold all the people that wanted to get in. Impressions after the black heart.

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Kids these days…


photos: Glamcanyon

Blind Date Swingers Club. What a name for a party. Especially if it is actually more of a hipster get-together in a private apartment then a sexual orgy of old meat. But this one really was one hell of an event – for various reasons… More after the jump.

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Hardcore Capitalism


Tigerenten-coalition! Meaning for sure higher taxes, less welfare, less integration, less secrets, less freedom – capitalism at its best. When times are rough, you will have to party even harder, that is what people do during a crisis… The best places for this weekend after the jump

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Go Dance!


photo: DMY

Time flies by and a new weekend is ahead and offers us a lot of opportunities to spend the nights – as usual. But this time the dancefloors of Berlin will stay free of me as I will head over to Hamburg to help my BFF who just came back from an 8-month trip through South America to overcome her craving for Caipirinha. I’m more the Vodka type anyways…

For those of you who will be in town, here are our party recommendations for the weekend: Firstly, tonight Create Berlin is throwing a DMY party at Betahaus tonight in Kreuzberg. The official Klublabor parties of the DMY Festival are all taking place at WMF. I especially recommend the one on Saturday with our girls the Sick Girls and Paris Suit Yourself. More parties after the jump.

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