Calypt – A Modern Vintage Treasure Chest

When it comes to vintage fashion the options in Berlin are countless. There are many sources, big markets, kilogram shops and small boutiques. We have quite a few really good little stores with a nice, almost personal selection of clothes. But when it comes to the reflection of contemporary style and youth culture the options are getting fewer.

Calypt might very well be one of the rare vintage shops that closes this gap. The little store in Boddinstraße just opened a few months ago but has already managed to gather a little fan base of the young and fashionable in Neukölln. When you browse through the racks you can tell that the store owners select their pieces meticulously with love and care. For them every garment is unique and special that they hang into their shop.

Right on the wavelength of current trends in fashion they have a focus on the 90s, both for boys and girls. They cover various styles, but what stood out the most two me where two things: One is their selection of sports and active wear. With all the mesh tops, sports jerseys, shorts and neopren jackets you could totally style an editorial for any renowned style magazine and no-one would know it’s all vintage. And the second section that I think is interesting is the “club rack” which is a fun selection of some more crazy and daring pieces you could wear for your next night out in the techno nightclubs of Berlin.

Head over the jump to get your first impressions and the details of the store, but even better schedule a visit on your next trip to Neukölln.

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