Boy of Girl of Party


Boy of Girl

This weekend the .HBC is going strong again with a bunch of interesting events, concerts and exhibitions. Apart from that we also have a crazy old harp player, dancing gay bears and some roaring twenties in our latest party guide. Proceed after the jump…

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Tits, Tassles and Turbulence

Fete Fatale

On Wednesday the makers of Boheme Sauvage celebrated the premiere of their brand new series of Burlesque parties at Bassy club called La Fete Fatale. Of course we didn’t want to miss this extravagant event. And it really was a great success. For their first party they invited a whole bunch of burlesque acts that gave extraordinary shows and performances. Look after the jump for more photos of the party and the shows.

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La Fête Fatale


Millicent Binks

Yes, right, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend is starting off way earlier! To have a nice and easy start I recommend the promising premiere of Fête Fatale presented by the Secret Seduction Society. It’s supposed to be a clash of beauty and bizarre – the first regular burlesque party in town.

The Fête fatale is the little whimsical sister of Bohème Sauvage, a Twenties Party which is one of my favorites in this beloved city. So with this big mama in the background I am convinced you cannot go wrong at all. More after the jump.

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Bohemian Times


Boheme Sauvage - Wintergarte Variete

Last Saturday we found ourselves at the Boheme Sauvage party at the Wintergarten Varieté. It was another magical night in the spirit of the Golden Twenties. The Shellack was spinning, the sugar was flaming and the fringes were flying. And as I watched the crowd dancing and the fancy couples waltzing over the stage in perfection I asked myself how much more glamorous the nights must have been back in the days compared to our modern-day understanding of a party. More impressions after the jump.

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