Taking it literal


Today I made the effort off digging through all 65 pages (!) of t-shirt designs that were submitted to the Boss Orange creative challenge so far. People were asked to submit their parrot inspired designs and they can still do so until the end of April to win a meet and great with the design team of Boss Orange and have their design become part of next year’s summer collection.

While I was flipping through all the submissions I found basically everything from cool, to dull, to horrible and I was actually almost considering posting the worst designs, but that would just be mean. So I stick to my favorites that you can see above and even more after the jump. But what I noticed is that the contestants took the inspiration quite literal using parrots (often even the one from the flyer) or feathers in their designs. A lot of people used the color orange probably assuming that Boss Orange means all their clothes are orange. (Orange is a terrible color for fashion!!) The contest guidelines said: Be inspired by a parrot, not use a fucking parrot, like 99% of the people did. That’s not exactly creative, no? That’s probably why I like the horse with roses because it’s NOT a parrot, haha!

If you think you can be a bit more creative than that, go submit your design or vote for your favorit t-shirt here.

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A Parrot for Boss Orange


photo: MrClean1982

If you have always dreamed to once design a garment for one if not the biggest fashion house of the country (and who hasn’t) then your dream might come true just now. Boss Orange – the young urban line of Hugo Boss – is calling for all creatives to design a T-Shirt for next year’s summer collection. The inspiration for the design is the colorful parrot which is an element in this year’s collection. Are eye patches and black pirate hats too, I wonder? The winner will get the chance to meet the creative team of Boss Orange to finalize the design until it then becomes a special edition of the official line for summer 2011. Contestants can submit their designs until April 30th, 2010 to a dedicated fanpage on Facebook. You can vote for the submitted designs until May 1st, 2010. How clever they all are with their social media integration and all that!

For your inspiration (and to distract ourselves from more important tasks) we flicked through a seemingly endless amount of parrot photos and have collected some fancy shots for you that you will find after the jump along with the flyer of the competition. There is also a parrot on that one, naturally.

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