photos: Thomas Knights

If you haven’t heard of it, red is the new black. Well, in the world of men admiration at least it seems. For the longest time redheads have had a tough time but now it seems they have become objects of desire for many people and I think that’s great. We live in a time where more and more people seem to appreciate and enjoy the diversity of human kind. I hope this development continues and than we can finally put things like discrimination against people who are different into the history books. Everyone is different in the end.

The British photographer Thomas Knights belongs to one of the many admirers and supporters of red heads and he is hugely successful with it. His portrait series RED HOT has been celebrated in many exhibitions and is widely covered in the media. Berlin-based publisher Bruno Gmünder has turned the series into a book titled Red Hot 100 that has sold out its first couple of editions as quick as bananas in East Germany. There is also a second book that came out in 2016 that features also some celebrities and girls.

To promote the ongoing project they release calendars every year as well as exhibitions, here in Berlin (back in 2015), but also in London (coming up in January 2017). Of course some of the sexy models are also from Berlin. Enjoy some excerpts from the book after the jump.

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