Berlin’s Renaissance of Debauchery

Berlin’s Renaissance of Debauchery

When you think back to the 1920s Berlin pretty much had a reputation for debauchery. For decades the world thought of Berlin as this sexually free and wild place where everything is possible and no phantasy was forbidden. But the time of the separation of the city changed things. Other things were more important to rebel against. There was still always a highly sexualized underground scene, but it was not really in the center of attention anymore.

In recent years this changed. Nightlife in Berlin is embracing its wild, naughty and sexually liberating side again with parties such as Pornceptual, Gegen and The House of Red Door. Debauchery is back and more excessive and scandalous than ever!

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The Teasing Week

Planningtorock at MELT! Weekender

This week us a bit of a tease. Lady Lou’s School of Burlesque is teasing us with a peep show, JPeople is teasing us with a preview of their brand new issue and the MELT! Festival is teasing us with their MELT! Weekender at Astra. More events for your teasing pleasure after the jump.

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The Burlesque Ballerina


photo: Adrian Buckmaster

For all the burlesque lovers and hobby artists here comes another one of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School event. This time with burlesque ballet dancer Tronicat La Miez as the life drawing model. It will take place on Saturday afternoon at the wonderful White Trash Fast Food. Details after la jump.

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Barbies and Lesbians

The Queer X Pre-Show at Barbie Deinhoff

So, the other day I unintentionally landed in the lesbian/gay/undecided bar that is the Barbie Deinhoff in Kreuzberg. Quite interesting folk that is hangig out here, I must say. That night we had the pleasure to experience a little pre-show to the Queer X Show Tour which will make its official stop tonight at LUX. Raunchy! The full tits, orgasms and lesbian-encounter action after the jump.

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Tits, Tassles and Turbulence

Fete Fatale

On Wednesday the makers of Boheme Sauvage celebrated the premiere of their brand new series of Burlesque parties at Bassy club called La Fete Fatale. Of course we didn’t want to miss this extravagant event. And it really was a great success. For their first party they invited a whole bunch of burlesque acts that gave extraordinary shows and performances. Look after the jump for more photos of the party and the shows.

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La Fête Fatale


Millicent Binks

Yes, right, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend is starting off way earlier! To have a nice and easy start I recommend the promising premiere of Fête Fatale presented by the Secret Seduction Society. It’s supposed to be a clash of beauty and bizarre – the first regular burlesque party in town.

The Fête fatale is the little whimsical sister of Bohème Sauvage, a Twenties Party which is one of my favorites in this beloved city. So with this big mama in the background I am convinced you cannot go wrong at all. More after the jump.

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The Sexy Circus

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Tomorrow night the Ballhaus Ost will turn up the heat when Molly Crabapple comes to town with her Sexy Circus Live Drawing Extravaganza that some of you might remember under the name Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. If you are a fan of sexy Burlesque dancers and would like to practice your drawing skills this is a total must for you. And even if you just want to enjoy the Burlesque show you are welcome to join the circus. Another hot shot from a previous show and the flyer with details about Monday’s event go look after the jump.

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