Carni - Houdini

photos by Katja Hentschel

May I present to you: The new collection for my accessories label Carni. It’s called Houdini and it has become quite a splash of colors. But instead of going into detail about my inspiration I feel like I want to say something else at this place.

While creating this new collection there was one thing that struck me the most. And that is how many people actually went out of their way to help me. Unconditionally.  This is something I don’t take for granted. I am so happy and blessed to know these amazing people and will be forever grateful for all their support. So I would like to send out a big thank you to all of them. To my talented photographers Katja and Philipp for their wonderful photos. To my models Agnes, Anne-Claire, Devid and Thibaud for lending me their beauty (and their patience), to the lovely Vivian for making the outfits, to Pablo for sending me the materials from Paris (and making some great choices in colors), and most importantly to my sister Susanne who has helped me so much I couldn’t put it into words.

After the jump you can see the rest of the awesome campaign photos that Katja made for the photo exhibition at the Designer Scouts Showcase at Achteinhalb (still on display until Febuary 19th btw.). On another note: I have a couple of sample pieces and one-offs from my previous collection on sale at the Edged Pop-Up Shop at Torstr. 161 which is open until January 31.

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Designer Scouts Showcase at Achteinhalb

Designer Scouts Showcase

Today was the last day of the DESIGNER SCOUTS SHOWCASE at the Achteinhalb Concept Store. The grand opening on Wednesday was a great success. The designers created great looking installations in which they placed their models like moving manneqins in a decorated shop window. The wonderful Anna Wegelin presented her colorful collection “Lapka” in a playful environment with dolls wearing miniature versions of her outfits. It was absolutely fun to look at. The amazing Phoebe Heess created a completely different look with big black stripes hanging down from the ceiling mimiking details from her “Amarok” collection. All in black it was a totally stunning contrast to Anna’s color explosion.

Beyond the Valley presented themselves with a dramatic and quite elaborate fashion film about clothes taking on a life of its own, but with a very surprising ending. You can check it out online here. For my own accessorie label Carni I chose to seduce the guests with two handsome models offering delicious cupcakes in the style of my collection.

Anna, Phoebe and me also have a photo exhibition of our collections in the store that will go on until Febuary 19th. Impressions of the beginning and the end of the night, as well as the showroom photographed by me after the jump. Many beautiful photos of the main part of the evening by photographer André Wagner can be found over here.

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The Crown Jewels


And again we had a little trip into the world of print publications. Suz and I wrote three little columns on different topics for the daily fashion week newspaper of BerlinFashion.TV. I had the chance to write about the topic Men and gave some insides about the new approach to male jewellery. You can find the text (in German) after the jump. Read on…

DESIGNER SCOUTS goes Achteinhalb

Clarissa Labin SS11

You probably thought after two big fashion shows and one swap market we would be through with Designer Scouts for this year. Well, think again! This Friday our latest collaboration will see the day of light. Gina, my partner and better half of Designer Scouts, has teamed up with the guys from 8 1/2 Wochen to build up a new concept store in Prenzlauer Berg. Achteinhalb will open its doors this Friday giving you the best in avantgarde fashion from Berlin. Many of the designers that we have worked with this year will be available in the store, amongst them Esther Perbandt, JULIAANDBEN, Paula Immich, Liebig and Carni, as well as many other new pearls like Clarissa Labin that Gina and I have discovered together in London at the On/Off showroom. Come by on Friday to the grand opening, there will be drinks, snacks and music. Details after the jump.

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Carni at Flagshipstore


Along with the two young streetwear labels Micamade and Nobelnobel I was lucky to get into the Flagshipstore at Oderberger Strasse with my accessory label Carni thanks to their annual fashion contest. The Flagshipstore has always been one of my favorites for everyday streetwear as they carry such cool brands as Froks, Via Snella and Mucha. This Sunday (November 7) there is gonna be a vernissage with all three of the winners. Come by for a glass of prosecco around 15h and take a look at the collections. I will have a big part of my collection for the first time on display. Details after the jump.

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What to swap?



For those who might wonder, what kind of clothes there will be at the SKYY SWAP MARKET, apart from all the vintage pearls that you guys are bringing to the Swap Spots Das Neue Schwarz, La Lip and Glücklich Am Park these days there is also gonna be lots of great clothes by the hottest young and avantgarde designers in town which are:

C.Neeon, JULIAANDBEN, Adddress, Esther Perbandt, A.D.Deertz, Franzius, Blame, Mikenke, Moga E Mago, Carni, Aschön, Burkhardt Möllmann, Howitzweissbach, Von Bardonitz, Ica Watermelon, Magdalena Schaffrin, Tata Christiane, Maniko, Comtesse de la Haye, Gabriel & Schwan, 25 Pieces and quite a few more.

After the jump you will get a small preview of some of the pieces that are gonna be available at the market. We will publish them all one by one on the new Designer Scouts blog. Make sure to register for the swap market and for the party here.

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Carni – Ace of Diamonds

Carni - Ace of Diamonds

photos: Katja Hentschel

For quite a while now I have been longing for a creative project that is not related to a computer screen and that lets me use my hands in a way I haven’t used them in a while. As with many things one moment or one little detail can inspire you so much that your head suddenly explodes with ideas, just like I was inspired when I was watching a runway show at Madrid Fashion Week last year and saw this really cool acrylic necklace. It was the first time I actually saw a piece of jewellery made of acrylic that was not just a piece of plastic hanging on a silver ball chain but something way more unconventional und interesting then that. That was exactly the moment when I decided to create something myself.

Many sketches, night shifts, burned ends of cords and moments of dizziness from too much glue later I had put together a small collection of accessories and jewellery. I named them Carni – a term that derives from Carnivale. The main attraction of the collection is an interpretation of the harness. Instead of thick leather, studs and metal rings I used cords, strings of Swarovski beads, soft leather and silver chains that hang loosely around the body. A range of necklaces and bracelets round up the whole collection which is available now online here and in Berlin at the JB Space at Torstr. 230. After the jump you’ll find a collection video and more photos all made by the talented Katja Hentschel.

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Behind the scenes…

Behind the scenes of Carni

The other day at the photo shoot of the new Berlin-based jewellery label Carni. The light system fell ontop of the photographer approximately three times, once into her face. But she was very professional about it and did not complain. It was a fun day! More impressions after the jump… The finished results very soon.

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