Rainy Days!


Rainy days never say goodbye
to desire when we are together
Rainy days growing in your eyes
Tell me where’s my way…

Our party recommendations for rainy days and nights after the jump!

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Thunderheist by May Truong

Thunderheist by May Truong

Monday is free and the open air season is in full swing. Picknick’s gonna open its backyard this weekend, Berghain already has, Bar 25 is open and gives home to all the lost ones til Tuesday. Let’s pray to the god of summer and love that the weather cooperates this weekend…

Tonight at Torstrasse 96 Posh! The Prince is gonna have one of his sexy shows. Go there and become staggered.

Friday Factory party in the Zpyz, Reichenbergerstrasse 125 in Kreuzberg with Matchbox (who also play at Picknick a day later), Peter Bounce, Sebastian Plössner and Nomad who is always playing the best disco music. More parties after the jump.

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It’s a Disco Mystery


Here is the weekend’s party programme for those of you who have been waiting for it like a cat on hot bricks. If you think about going to Scala, be prepared for some body to body action with strangers, because last Saturday it has been so crowded, people told me they thought they’d get mashed like a banana. This is probably because the news of Scala’s closing has now reached all of you and it seems every single person now wants to go there. Even those who will go there for the first time are later gonna say that they went to Scala every weekend and Scala will be a myth like the Rio already is.

On Friday another very French Disco Mystix party is up. After a successful night with really good music at Picknick, this time it’s getting mystical at Scala with Heartbreak live and Les Titz Grands also live and Emil doesn’t drive, Total Eclipse of the heart and more more more. Oh, there is a dresscode, look at the flyer to read more about it. Before the party you should go and visit the Scala gallery from 7 pm and get some art, you philistine! More parties after the jump.

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