The Weekly Event Guide – Art & Music Special

Chicks On Speed

Oh my god, this is one of those weeks where the event guide takes me forever to finish because of the art week, Berlin Festival and Berlin Music Week taking place at the same time. That is simply an overload of events, worse than Fashion Week! Okay, let’s cut right to it. There is a massive amount of art events going on. We have selected the four main big shows as well as a few smaller ones. You should definately check out our art blog experts from Castor & Pollux and Private Curators to find out more about all of this. Look after the jump for all art, music and what-not event recommendations…

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Nights On Speed


Chicks on Speed

We are so fashionable! Berlin, far away to be a Paris like fashion hotspot, not because it’s not as good as Paris but because it is different. Berlin fashion isn’t made by a handful of boring aged designers, it is created by the people on the streets, in the clubs and by some unconventional designers. If you suffer from the odd fashion overdose just like I do, take a rest and enjoy a bombastic party weekend, with or without fashion, you chose!

The Midsommar Festival, made in Sweden and presented by Villa based fuc, is offering us an awesome line-up at Jannowitzbrücke on Friday till Sunday. It’s indoor and outdoor with 4 stages, lounging and some food. They also promise wild madness in cups, not that some of you would need it. Take a look at this line-up, man ( only a short excerpt, though): Chicks on Speed (live!), Ian Pooley, Gianni Vitiello, Les Titz Grands, Jack the Rapper, Rampa, Sebo, Demir and Seymen, Süß und Sauer, Cinthie and so many more! The running order can be found here. More parties after the jump.

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