5 1/2 Questions for Rosann Brandt from Agency V

Rosann Brandt is PR consultant at Ageny V in Berlin. This year the popular agency moved to a new office in Berlin Kreuzberg. If you read through the list of their clients you see names of fashion gurus like Henrik Vibskov but also hip Scandinavian labels such as Wood Wood or Monki. Agency V knows what’s hot and so does Rosann. After the jump you’ll find her answers to my 5 1/2 questions.

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5 1/2 Questions for Moritz von Uslar

photo: Labor Pixel Grain

Moritz von Uslar is a legend for his “99 questions…” series and his book “Deutschboden”. Recently he walked by me in the ZEITmagazin corridor. This was my one chance to approach him and ask: “Sorry may I ask you 5 ½ questions?” His answers after the jump.

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5 1/2 Questions for the Chanel guard

photo: jeroen020

I took part in a fashion photo shoot last month. Throughout the day I noticed a muscular man sitting with a box observing the photo shoot. I started chatting to him and it turned out he was a Chanel security man. He travels every day from Paris to photo shoots or clients all over the world to safely escort jewellery to its destination. Unbelievable but true. Read his answers to my 5 1/2 questions after the jump.

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5 1/2 Questions for Markus Kavka

With the 6-part interview series “5 1/2 questions” we are officially launching a new format here on iHeartBerlin.de: The series. Between the articles of Claudio, Suz, Jens and myself you will from now on also find little sets of stories from different guest authors. Christine Neder, author of the book “90 Nights 90 Beds” is making the start with her 5 1/2 questions…

I first came across Markus Kafka a few years ago when he was an MTV presenter. This year, I had the honour of meeting him at the Leipzig book fair where we were both promoting our books. I tried my luck and asked him these 5 ½ questions. Read about his life as a jack of all trades after the jump.

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The most popular Couchsurfer

After spending 90 nights in 90 different beds and writing a book about it Christine Neder could now probably write a follow-up called 90 days and 90 promotional appointments. Right now you here her on every radio station and even on TV speaking about her experience as an extreme couch surfer.

Her book 90 Nächte, 90 Betten has just been released and can be ordered online here. When I received my press copy a while ago and read the chapter about the night she spend at my place I honestly blushed a little bit. I was pretty surprised about her impression and thoughts about the night.

On April 1 she will have a reading here in Berlin. After the jump you can learn more about it.

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90 Nights, 90 Beds

Today I am having a very special guest in my home. I met her in the summer when she took part in the second Designer Scouts event with her knitted wig collection Ge-Wollt. But Christine Neder is not only a fashion designer, she is also a journalist. After she graduated earlier this year she came up with the idea of a field study that she is now executing here in Berlin and her visit to my house is part of it. For 90 days she is spending every night in a different bed. Whore! No. This is not about having One-Night-Stands for 90 days in a row. This is about examining the life of the inhabitants of this city and becoming a part of their life for one night. You could call it the ultimate Couchsurfing experience. So far she has spend the nights at spacious homes of professors as well as in minitrailers of nomads. She documents all her experience on her blog and is currently writing everything up for a book that will be released by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf later this year.

Right now Christine is looking for a very special home or host for her last night on November 19. If you are interested in hosting her you’ll find the contact after the jump. In the German version of this article you’ll also find an interview that I did with her while cooking.

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