An August Party Guide

Brax Moody ( Local Suicide )

It is an August that feels like October, but don’t let that weather bring you down. At least noone is gonna cut your head, arms and legs off like it happened to the poor tattooist of White Trash. It turned out that it hasn’t been the mafia, though it would have been more exciting. It has simply been some “friend” who he got into a drunk fight with, eew. Watch out this weekend who you are having a drink with, will you. Parties after the jump:

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Curry Rotweiss Party

On Saturday a new event named Curry Rotweiss launches at Backyard in Kreuzberg. The name refers to a typical German speciality you might have tried already: our beloved Currywust! In Berlin you order “rotweiss” if you want your wurst with both, ketchup and mayo. Curry Rotweiss has several  surprises coming up for you on Saturday including a test of courage to win a free shot, an art installation in the yard, free Wurst for early birds and a discount for the few Berlin born aliens left. More on the event, the DJs and pics of our lovely models Nadya and Philip after the jump.

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Confus(ion)ed Partyguide!

This weekend might be a little low level when it comes to parties. What? You came all the way from I – don’t – know – where to party in Berlin and you don’t have a Fusion – ticket? Dude..such a shame! Let’s try to find you a few places, that might be a little less frequencied than usual, but still promise fun, right after the jump:

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