Berlin is… a Circus

Berlin is… a Circus

photo: Bad Bruises

It is very hard to sum up what the city is in a single world. However, I believe that circus is the best one to describe Berlin. Apart from the endless colorful and striking aspects these two places have in common, Berlin reminds me of a circus, as the latter has always been a place of acceptance and respect towards creatures that stand out for the one or the other reason. Everybody is welcome there regardless of their story, their past or present.

Very few cities can boast such a variety of beautiful, relatable and wild facets, like Berlin. I can go out on the street, however I please and nobody will look at me funny, not because this great big city is rife with anonymity and indifference, but because Berlin stands for respect to the very essence of human nature. It constantly reminds me of the great potential that there is inside each and every one of us as well as the liberty to put it out there for the entire world to see.

If there is a currently a video, that encapsulates exactly this, it would be the following teaser for the party of the House of Red Doors, that happens regularly at Wilde Renate.

What is Berlin for you?

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Welcome to the Fashion Circus

Welcome to the Fashion Circus

Calling the world of fashion a circus if actually not at all farfetched. When you walk into the arena with your outfit on fleek it’s all about the ohs and wows, making an impression that lingers longer than a brief glance, surprising the unsurprisable and in the best case make the people smile. Yes, if a design manages people to feel something, regardless what, it has fulfilled an important purpose. It’s here where fashion transcends what is beautiful to something more meaningful. And that’s glory of it.

A while ago I met up with Hungry, a Berlin character so mesmerizing and iconic that s/he has become a fashion statement her/himself. Together we created this photo series for you guys to draw your attention to the Vogue Fashion Night Out special “Night Circus” at Bikini Berlin that happened in September 2016 and turned the whole place into a fashion circus extravaganza full of surprises and special guests such as star photographer Joachim Baldauf, the rising star of Berlin fashion Marina Hoermanseder and tattoo queen Myra Brodsky.

But in the course of our little photo shoot we realized we interfered much more with our surroundings than we anticipated…

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And the carneval does never stop

fashion: Tom Van der Borght

We have always been a very colorfull site. But we have to admit that in the last couple of weeks we turned into the crazy costume-party site number one. Where did all the minimal and understatement go? Well, obviously far away from here.

This week i had an interesting conversation about how parties are transforming into theater stages where people are portraying characters they would like to be instead of just being themselves. Are we loosing control of our self-image? Are we becoming the superheroes of our childhood with a secret identity that only shows on certain occasions and parties? If that’ the case then we might have to adapt to it. And fashion has to adapt to this need as well. What some years ago would have been tasteless is becoming mainstream this year. I am speaking about crazy colors and pattern mixes. (And I’m not only speaking about the gaudiness that is Versace collaborating with highstreet fashion giant H&M.)

Beautifully elaborate and interesting is the work of young fashion artist Tom Van der Borght from Belgium. We saw his collection in July at Berlin Fashion Wek and were really impressed. The editorial shoot that I discovered in Honk-Magazine is as amazing as the fashion pieces. But see it for yourself after the jump.

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The Crown Jewels


And again we had a little trip into the world of print publications. Suz and I wrote three little columns on different topics for the daily fashion week newspaper of BerlinFashion.TV. I had the chance to write about the topic Men and gave some insides about the new approach to male jewellery. You can find the text (in German) after the jump. Read on…

Sexy Circus

Arm&Sexy Circus Special

Past Friday the Arm&Sexy party finally made it out of these small pubs in Neukölln for a special big night at the Shake circus tent at Postbahnhof. For me it was the best one I have been to so far. And this time the audience was especially amazing bringing together the craziest chicks, hottest guys and cheapest drinks in one place. I wish we had one of those every weekend! But I guess that would make it less special in the end. More after the jump.

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