Flash back

The Anti-Papparazzi Clutch

Imagine you are sick, sporting your ugliest sweatpants and dark circles around your eyes, but are in desperate need of a new Chris Ware comic from Grober Unfug in Mitte to feel better. You better have a strategy to avoid streetstyle photographers that mistake your outfit as “interesting” and publish it the next day. Or you borrowed your roommates new sequin dress without asking because it just fits this weeks Broken Hearts Club theme so well. Different situation- same problem: you told that nerdy fellow student that you got the swineflu and can’t help him move because you are under quaratine… There are millions of situations where you better not get photographed. And there’s hope! A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a really funny device that a student from NYU invented: the Anti-Paparazzi-Clutch. More about it after the jump.

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