Your City as a Canvas: Build your Bar – Shape your City by Heineken

Your City as a Canvas: Build your Bar – Shape your City by Heineken

Urban Life is a human paradox by itself. We live between grey concrete walls just to realize that we would rather paint them with graffiti. We turned our back on the countryside just to build urban gardens on our rooftops and choose the anonymity and isolation of big cities, just to connect through social networks for joined nightlife experiences.

But it is not a coincidence that cities like Berlin become a canvas for creativity for all of us. To realize what kind of potential is in our surrounding, we need people who make the first step for us, who take the first brush of paint so we are able to see the free canvas space. The new Heineken campaign “Build your Bar – Shape your City” is dedicated to those individuals making our urban life a bit better day by day. Heineken has shown a long-term commitment in creative innovative concepts for urban life already with their “Cities” Campaign. But “Shape your City” is going even a step further. Everybody who wants to create an innovative bar concept for his hometown can participate in this creative contest. Your idea will be judged by no other than our blogger colleagues Jacob and David from Dandy Diary, gastronomy experts Tobias Mintert & Philipp Treudt and Team-Heineken Germany.

Now is your chance to feel inspired and see your city as a canvas for your creativity. On the Heineken campaign page you can submit your best idea for an innovative Bar concept that will change your street, your neighborhood and your city’s nightlife. You are not only competing for an amazing experience but also for the expertise to implement your concept: Heineken and the two gastronomy experts will help you realize your concept and open the bar in a totally new space. Take your chance to be part of this creative contest until the 16th of September.

After the jump you will find a short spot about the campaign, which can be used as inspiration for the concept.

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Berlinale 2015: Halftime – Films in the Competition

Berlinale 2015: Halftime – Films in the Competition

photo:Donata Wenders

It’s Berlinale halftime. Not that I actually know what day it is – festivals just blur into one very long period of uncountable days – but my calendar tells me that half of the joyous and exhausting time is already over.

I’m ill and have been schlepping myself around Potsdamer Platz more than I’ve been thrillingly jumping there, which results in me seeing less films than I originally planned.

Still I’ve seen 16 films in the past 5 days, so I will split this halftime review into two parts: Competition films (today) and everything else (tomorrow). This way it’s just not as overwhelming for both me to write and you to read.

With this as a backdrop continue reading what I’ve seen so far and which films you should and shouldn’t miss…

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Ready, Set, GO!

Ready, Set, GO!

People love to compete and some would do anything to win. In movies people entering competition usually believe winning will change their life, but the way to success is long and rocky. This week I’ll take a look at what great films deal with various topics of racing toward a seemingly unreachable goal.

As I’m sure you’ve already heard and Mobile Kino are hosting the very first Berlin Film Night, a one-night screening film festival on the topic of Berlin. Next week we will show you a selection of films visually or through it’s narration related to our beautiful city. And we are still looking for films. More after the jump.

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Show us your Vintage Style and conquer the runway

Vintage Smackdown

Trends come and go, but if there is one thing that will never fade it’s the love for vintage clothing. Every season they cycle through the past decades and what was once unfashionable suddenly looks super hip. Especially in big cities like Berlin with all the big fleamarkets and second hand boutiques vintage styling has almost become an obsession for the fashionable crowd. Every girl has their own preferences. But whose style is the best?

Apply now with your best vintage outfits for’s Vintage Smackdown and be a model at our Fashion Show at the Wedding Dress festival on July 9, 2011 during Berlin Fasion Week. How you present your best vintage Pearls and DIY projects is all up to you. The main thing for us is that you are having fun with your style. Model size and your age do not matter, we count on your fashion sense and your confidence. We have 10 places at our fashion show to give out (including model fee). In addition, you have the chance to win a big prize of 500 EUR. Learn more about the contest after the jump.
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Design a Runway Shoe

shoe by Aoi Kotsuhiroi at NJAL

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. OMG, shoes! That’s what Kelly would say now. But this is not about trash, it’s about serious fashion. The Berlin-based design network The Offer (Von Bardonitz, Tata Christiane, Moga E Mago and many more) is calling for creatives to design runway shoes for their next fashion show at the Fashionclash in Maastricht. Think of it as a sophisticated DIY project for shoe fanatics. The best shoe designs will be used for the runway show. The winning designers will even get special prices. You have until May 27 to submit your design. Find out more over at The Offer.

Vote for your favorite young designer


Supporting young  fashion designers from Berlin has always been one of the goals of iHeartBerlin. We have already introduced you to the Range Rover EVOQUE Fashion Award,  and now it’s all about the votes. A lot of interesting new designers have entered the competition, but one of my favorites still remains the small Berlin label Dyn. I am glad that there will be a jury that decides who will be the winning designer. I have always been for participative elements in competitions. But I was wondering if the number of Likes on Facebook can be a true indicator of taste or rather a reference to the social networking skills of the respective designers. After all we shouldn’t take the number of your friends on Facebook as an indicator of how good your art, your music, or your fashion is. Otherwise we’ll let Facebook become our secret taste-(less)-dictator.

To bring you guys back into the competition as impartial voters, we are asking you: What is your favorite style? Vote for your favorite collections and sketches via the Like Button and bring them the attention they deserve! All voters, who also leave a comment under one of the photos on why they chose this particular outfit, will get the chance to win a 300EUR voucher for Urban Outfitters. Good luck!

Support young designers and win!


For me fashion labels that only design for women are rather uninteresting. The provocative men’s fashion blog Dandy Diary proves that men like to dress in unusual designs, too. Luckily, most of the contestants Evoque Fashion Award have submitted menwear collections. Particularly interesting is the collection Shadow City of the recently discovered label Dyn, as well as the collection  Suwannapuhm from Land Phuengkit. Both of them show very different sides of menswear and I wonder why they are still missing in my wardrobe.

However, I believe there are many more designers in Germany, aren’t there? Where are you? Do not hide your collections! We want to see them! Berlin designers, where are you? Take the chance to show your collection at the Evoque Fashion Award!

If you would also enjoy a new style in your wardrobe you shouldn’t miss our next raffle. Together with Range Rover we are giving away a Topshop/Topman voucher worth 300 EUR. To participate you only have to leave a comment below and tell us, which one of the contestants is your favorite. More about it after the jump. Read on…

Win a Bicycle Outfit

The spring is coming and not only the rising temperatures make the hearts of the Berliners jump higher. Because as soon as it gets warmer outside, you can finally drive your bikes again through the streets of Berlin. To help our readers to show off their bikes in fashionable outfits (and possibly get shot by the Sartorialist…) we have something special for you: Win a bike-appropriate outfit by Strellson.

In collaboration with Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi the Swiss fashion brand Strellson has designed a special Strellson bike and a matching collection inspired by bicycle messengers in big cities. Bicycles-suitable yet fashionable outfits have been created that will make the journey through the urban jungle style-proof and comfortable.

For your chance to win you have to become creative. Let yourself be inspired by the photos after the jump and leave a comment on the Strellson Page (first you have to like the page and then go to the pinwall). Describe your daily journey to work or to university by bike. What do you experience on your way? How do you ride through the streets? Be original, witty, or romantic. Write  a comment that knocks us off our feet!

Of all the comments we will select our favorite story which will win one piece of the Strellson collection. The top prize is a complete Strellson outfit. For this price all participating bloggers will select one favorite that will be put to the vote. The one with the most likes will win. If you write a comment then you should encourage as many of your friends as possible to like it to increase your chances of winning. Are you ready? Then dust off your keyboard and show us your writing skills. More photos and a video of the handsome men on wheels after the jump.

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A Parrot for Boss Orange


photo: MrClean1982

If you have always dreamed to once design a garment for one if not the biggest fashion house of the country (and who hasn’t) then your dream might come true just now. Boss Orange – the young urban line of Hugo Boss – is calling for all creatives to design a T-Shirt for next year’s summer collection. The inspiration for the design is the colorful parrot which is an element in this year’s collection. Are eye patches and black pirate hats too, I wonder? The winner will get the chance to meet the creative team of Boss Orange to finalize the design until it then becomes a special edition of the official line for summer 2011. Contestants can submit their designs until April 30th, 2010 to a dedicated fanpage on Facebook. You can vote for the submitted designs until May 1st, 2010. How clever they all are with their social media integration and all that!

For your inspiration (and to distract ourselves from more important tasks) we flicked through a seemingly endless amount of parrot photos and have collected some fancy shots for you that you will find after the jump along with the flyer of the competition. There is also a parrot on that one, naturally.

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I’m a blogger, get me out of here!!


Yesterday, like most other Saturdays and Sundays, I spent most of the day in bed sleeping out last night’s party. By the time I left the house it was already dark and raining. And while I was rushing through the cold, wet and dirty city I just hated it for being in the completely wrong climate zone.

So I wondered what could I do to get out of this uncomfortable mess that is the winter in Berlin. The answer came in the form of a cheerfully formulated eMail by Bacardi: A trip through the Caribbean. On a yacht. For one week. With 9 of your friends. How fucking amazing would that be, huh? Of course you can’t just sign up for it. You have to win a creative challange called Bacardi Ten4 where you have to submit some short films that you upload to YouTube. Learn more about it after the jump.

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