Become the next grill master

photo: barron

The BBQ season has officially kicked off and now the Sunday morning run through the Volkspark Friedrichshain will be like jogging over a burning battlefield again with all the abandoned one-way-grills still smoking from the day before. But with all the little BBQ parties we will be attending in the following months one thing will be very clear again: people on the grill have no idea what they are actually doing. There will be more dull sausages and burned meat then one can eat.

For that reason I recommend every ambitious BBQ enthusiast to take part in one of the  four fabulous  BBQ workshops at Fortuna’s Feast in Neukölln. They are happening on this and next weekend. Not only will you learn how to grill different types of meat and fish appropriatly, you will also make marinades and sauces which you can bottle up and take home. Yummy! Details after the jump.

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