The Girls and the Seafood


photos by Daikichi Amano

“And now I would like you to bend over so I can shove a dead eel into your anus and three into your vagina,” said the artist to the young woman and smiled. She looked at him in terror. “What?!” This is not quite what she imagined when she read erotic posing in the ad.

This is somewhat how I imagine the scenario when Japanese photographer Daikichi Amano briefs his model for one of his photoshoots for the first time. Of course in reality this was probably pretty different, but you never know with these crazy Japanese. Anyway, if you are curious about his provoking arrangements of naked bodies and seafood you should drop by Bongout Gallery at Torstrasse these days.

If you want to see the result of the first mentioned scenario you should look after the jump. If you are easily upset by explicit sexual images you might prefer not to though…

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