And the wall came down

DreamYourTopia at Stattbad Wedding

Last night I was witness to a great a moment: The wall came down. And I’m not talking about the Berlin Wall, which coincedently also came down exactly 20 years ago. I’m talking about the wall between reality and dream. While I missed the opening hours of the Checkpoint to cross the border into the land of dreams, I was at least able to see the final performance of this giant art project called DreamYourTopia, when the walls were torn down by sledgehammers and chainsaws and the border tower was flipped over and smashed into the ground.

Some of the visitors seemed disappointed by their border crossing experience. I guess they expected some friendly hippies that greeted them with flower necklaces and guided them over to the land of dreams. But these border officers were tough and didn’t make it easy for anyone. Good so! If it would be easy then it wouldn’t be so special, would it? More impressions after the jump.

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