MTV?! That music channel that once had a music program?


photo: Glamcanyon

Since weeks it seems to be the biggest issue amongst the new creatives, models, photographers, writers and partypeople in this town: how can I manage to get a ticket to the European Music Awards? (Taking place tonight in Berlin, by the way).  Tears, begging, despair and naughty offers,  I have seen a lot, but finally only a few got one of these tickets! What is all the fuzz about, I was thinking. Cause when I was asked for the first time if I had a ticket for the MTV thing, I had to think hard about where I know the name from. Then it occured to me, that MTV is that music channel that used to be very popular during the nineties! Oh, it still exists, you might ask.  It does! Apparently this seems to be one of those 90ies revival award shows. Is anyone still interested in a channel originally devoted to music that now only runs boring reality shows?

If you guys could not care less, we proudly present you our party guide,  full of music, that is for sure, right after the jump.

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