The Weekend Party Guide (without Berlinale)


Movies? Parties! This is where you can meet the stars, that couple with the most beautiful – of – all – but –  scarily skinny wife with the ageing bloke Brangelina, that old guy Antonio Banderas, the ever beautiful Salma Hayek and the vampire boy – they’re all here and they like to party too! You don’t care at all? Ja, me neither. No Berlinale parties in this guide, just pure Berlin fun after the jump: Read on…

Shade Inc. Re-Opening at Flamingo Photos

Shade Re-Opening at Flamingo

This past Wednesday the weekly Shade Inc. party, formerly located at NBI, has found a new home at the pretty Flamingo. I totally prefer this new venue over the last one and I hope the party will settle in nicely into its new district Mitte. For the re-opening party they invited Dillon and Go Chic (produced by Peaches) to play live. The first one I sadly missed because the room was already too full, when I arrived. But for second band I managed to get up-front and enjoyed those cheaky punk girls from Taiwan a lot! The impressions including some animations after the jump on 2 pages.
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