Listening to music with Dirty Doering

photo: John Michael Hoppen

When the rumour was spread in 2010 that the Bar 25 would close down for good, nobody really believed it. For all the previous years, people have been celebrating a closing party, but it was never really ending. In the next spring, the club would always open its doors again.

Things finally changed. At the open air party on October 31 on the area of what used to be the Bar 25 everybody realized, that this was the final end. Everything had been torn down: the bar, the restaurant, the circus and everything else. Not everyone had regrets about that. The Bar 25 was famous for its strict bouncers, and the hype about the club seemed more and more irritating to some of its regular guests.

Anyhow: if you are now watching the music video of Dirty Doering’s I would, you once again get the feeling of what was so extraordinary and wonderful about this place. And it is not only the pictures, it is the music in and of itself that evoke the unique atmosphere. There is maybe no other track that is deeply connected to the summer of 2010 at Bar 25. But seriously, there is no reason to get sentimental here, as the successor of the club is going to open in the middle of May…

It is quite likely that Dirty Doering will take part in that as well. Generally, his DJ sets are among the best you can experience in the Berlin night life. We talked to him about music by Althea and Donna, Nancy Sinatra, The Shins and Andhim. And of course there is the “I would” video. More after the jump.

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