Music is an opinion – Part 2


Last week I told you an anekdote from my composition class. This week my composition teacher – who read the article – was really angry and started the lesson shouting at me (he is mostly a quiet and chilled guy). His main issue was the “hard to digest” part about new music. He told me that I was thinking in obvious clichés and that there was nothing original in my article. Not even the recommendation. Because this Rebecca Saunders seems to be the commercial girl from the scene. It is somehow true that “hard to digest” is the typical comment from the naïve perspective and that every art form has pieces that are not appreciated by everyone. I have to give the new music credit for being differentiated and edgy. So here I am with another try. We will see if I’ll be able to digest this music more easily by drinking a vodka punch. Check out Wrong – the music for drunk audience, string trio and acoustical handicaps – taking place at LEAP tonight. Details after the break.

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