Highlights of Tanztage 2016: Vox/Dust

Highlights of Tanztage 2016: Vox/Dust

photos: Anna Agliardi

Working as a contemporary dancer is incredibly hard. You need an amazing passion (and talent) to have a real shot at something called a career. But even with all the attributes that might define you as a perfect dancer getting jobs in Berlin is not easy. Fortunately there are places and events that have so much dedication for contemporary dance that I might have some hopes for the future for this discipline here in town.

Once a year the festival Tanztage Berlin at Sophiensaele brings together all the passionate people and the most enthusiastic newcomers the city has to offer. Last night we saw the premiere of the two pieces Vox/Dust that opened the festival. Especially watching the four handsome guys perform the second piece Dust by choreographer and dancer Roderick George was an amazing experience. They had such an amazing energy and an intense vocabulary of movements. Tonight you have another chance to see it. Photos and a trailer of the piece Dust, after the jump. Read on…

The Cool Week

Nerd Rules – Hot Cheese Crew

This weekend the Gallery Weekend Berlin is going into its next round and a lot of events circle around this art happening. For art lovers and gallery hoppers there are countless openings to attend. But there is also a lot more going on. My personal favorites being the concerts of Bodi Bill, the release party of OE Magazine and the live gig of my favorite young musician Rangleklods on Sunday. Look after the jump for this weeks events.

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