Street Lab meets Berlin – Exhibition

There was a time we were hunting for street art much more often . Recently we got a little lazy about that.  Luckily there are certain occasion were streetart is presented in galleries. One of this rare occasion is the Street Lab meets Berlin Festival this weekend. It presents a selection of national and international urban artists who expose the urban world instead of simply just illustrating it. The workshop “Keystone Editions” will host an exhibition of works by all of the artists participating in the festival. The big opening of the exhibition is tonight. There will also be the possibility to see a famous street artist in action.  Street artist El Bocho will be at Keystone Editions for a mini-residency during the festival. The opening time and the address, after the jump.

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Street Art in Friedrichshain

El Bocho

I have been living in Friedrichshain for more than 5 years now, but I never really looked at the street art that you find here. Since I bought my first DSLR, everything changed. I suddenly started to notice my neighbourhood. Thank you, Pentax! So I found out: Friedrichshain is not just the district where you can buy Sternburger Pilsener (the cheapest beer that you can get) at every bakery, it is also a district with amazing street art. More of that after the jump.

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