Ena Wild vs Fuckbuddies

Ena Wild Fucks your friends

Last weekend the Ena Wild Fucks Your Friends party took place at Backyard. The concert by Ena Wild was amazing and the frontwoman Ena put a spell on everyone in the room. Not to forget the funny fuckbuddies playing cards, always helpful to find you a new friend. See the pictures after the jump:

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Butts up for Party!

Kinky we are this weekend. Springbreak in Berlin, everybody’s free. Take the clothes off, get rid of wool jackets and socks and enjoy the exciting nights that follow a mild day. Party recommendations as ususal after the jump:

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The After-New-Year Partyguide

skull by Basquiat

Who dares to host a party right after New Year’s eve? In fact the city seems busy as never before. A day before New Year’s eve and again two days after I passed the Weekend club staggered at the sight of a long qeue. Nasty tourists all over. Nicer places after the jump:

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