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Supporting young  fashion designers from Berlin has always been one of the goals of iHeartBerlin. We have already introduced you to the Range Rover EVOQUE Fashion Award,  and now it’s all about the votes. A lot of interesting new designers have entered the competition, but one of my favorites still remains the small Berlin label Dyn. I am glad that there will be a jury that decides who will be the winning designer. I have always been for participative elements in competitions. But I was wondering if the number of Likes on Facebook can be a true indicator of taste or rather a reference to the social networking skills of the respective designers. After all we shouldn’t take the number of your friends on Facebook as an indicator of how good your art, your music, or your fashion is. Otherwise we’ll let Facebook become our secret taste-(less)-dictator.

To bring you guys back into the competition as impartial voters, we are asking you: What is your favorite style? Vote for your favorite collections and sketches via the Like Button and bring them the attention they deserve! All voters, who also leave a comment under one of the photos on why they chose this particular outfit, will get the chance to win a 300EUR voucher for Urban Outfitters. Good luck!

The Interviews

A while ago we asked you about your favorite places in Berlin. You have suggested many, voted for a few and now we present you the top three places: Camera Works – the gallery for photography, Mein Haus am See – the 24/7 cafe at Rosenthaler Platz and Kauf Dich Glücklich – the waffle, icecream and vintage shop. As part if the Range Rover Evoque Style Tour our very own Claudio (the artist formerly known as C.R.) went to all those three places and interviewed the makers behind these hotspots.

You can read more about these three places and see the interviews here: Camera Works, Mein Haus Am See and Kauf Dich Glücklich.

Support young designers and win!


For me fashion labels that only design for women are rather uninteresting. The provocative men’s fashion blog Dandy Diary proves that men like to dress in unusual designs, too. Luckily, most of the contestants Evoque Fashion Award have submitted menwear collections. Particularly interesting is the collection Shadow City of the recently discovered label Dyn, as well as the collection  Suwannapuhm from Land Phuengkit. Both of them show very different sides of menswear and I wonder why they are still missing in my wardrobe.

However, I believe there are many more designers in Germany, aren’t there? Where are you? Do not hide your collections! We want to see them! Berlin designers, where are you? Take the chance to show your collection at the Evoque Fashion Award!

If you would also enjoy a new style in your wardrobe you shouldn’t miss our next raffle. Together with Range Rover we are giving away a Topshop/Topman voucher worth 300 EUR. To participate you only have to leave a comment below and tell us, which one of the contestants is your favorite. More about it after the jump. Read on…

Evoque Fashion Awards – Competition for Fashion Design

I know quite a few young talented designers who would like to start their own label and work on their own ideas and creations instead of producing T-shirts for a large street brand. But even  in Berlin – the land of unlimited creative possibilities – you have to pay the rent for your studio. And not every fabric is on sale at the Turkish market at Paul-Linke-Ufer (although there are great bargains to find). But the big dream of the own label does not  have to fail because of missing financing. Range Rover an the fashion platform have launched a great competition called  the Evoque Fashion Awards. The participating designers can not only win a big photo shoot for Quest magazine, but also full funding for the production of the whole collection at a high level. As of  March 15th 2011 fashion students and aspiring designers can apply with their collection here. There you will learn more about the competition. Good luck to all Berlin-participants!

The Lion, the witch, the restaurant and the car

An interior designer gifted with all sorts of magic, filled the rooms of the renowned the pop-up restaurant Pret A Diner with a secret charm. On the penultimate evening of the restaurant I had access to the candle-lit world. There I found beautiful pieces of art and guests who looked like mythical creatures. The occasion of my visit was the presentation of the new Range Rover Evoque. Like the white carriage of a modern day Cinderella the car was driven into the crowd. Though there was no princess stepping out of the vehicle, there were a number of German celebrities à la Jessica Schwarz who climbed inside for photos. I found it quite interesting that the host and speaker of the evening repeatedly mentioned that the car was designed by a really great designer who is NOT-gay. And I thought it was called straight. More photos from the evening after the jump.

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