The Social Media Afterlife of Failed Relationships

The Social Media Afterlife of Failed Relationships

photo: Eylül Aslan

I don’t believe in airing my dirty laundry in public. I know how unconvincing that sounds coming from someone who writes a dating column that heavily features her private life, (shut up! You know you love it) but after having the issue resurface several times over several months, I do have to give the issue of social media hygiene a personal treatment.

Sometimes I wish Facebook had a “your ex is not going to this event” feature. Or better yet, there should be a feature that lets you confirm events and then the designated persona non grata would be unable to confirm, or even see, the event.

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Vote for your favorite young designer


Supporting young  fashion designers from Berlin has always been one of the goals of iHeartBerlin. We have already introduced you to the Range Rover EVOQUE Fashion Award,  and now it’s all about the votes. A lot of interesting new designers have entered the competition, but one of my favorites still remains the small Berlin label Dyn. I am glad that there will be a jury that decides who will be the winning designer. I have always been for participative elements in competitions. But I was wondering if the number of Likes on Facebook can be a true indicator of taste or rather a reference to the social networking skills of the respective designers. After all we shouldn’t take the number of your friends on Facebook as an indicator of how good your art, your music, or your fashion is. Otherwise we’ll let Facebook become our secret taste-(less)-dictator.

To bring you guys back into the competition as impartial voters, we are asking you: What is your favorite style? Vote for your favorite collections and sketches via the Like Button and bring them the attention they deserve! All voters, who also leave a comment under one of the photos on why they chose this particular outfit, will get the chance to win a 300EUR voucher for Urban Outfitters. Good luck!

Join the Group


I have been working with Facebook now for a couple of months and I’m really happy how it helps me to connect with bloggers, party makers, shops, artists, co-authors and readers of this blog. As I am really curious about who my readers actually are I have decided to open up an Facebook group. You are all invited to join! For now I will be using the group to raffle off guestlist spaces for parties and events and to keep you posted about things of a more exclusive nature. But I’m sure in the future other useful things will come up. If you decide to add any of us as a friend, please use the personal note field to let us know that you are a reader of! Have a good weekend y’all!