The Ur-Berliner Guide Curated by Born & Raised Berliners

The Ur-Berliner Guide Curated by Born & Raised Berliners

photos: Amanda Artiaga

There are so many reasons why we heart Berlin. In a fast-paced city like ours, it’s hard to keep track. People move in and out, places come and go. What one person loves about this city, might be completely unknown to others, and possibly gone before they even find out about it. Every city guide, every restaurant recommendation, list of cafés, clubs or bars can only give little indications and reflect someone else’s love for this city, but in the end why you love Berlin, is your own story.

Those who have been born and raised in Berlin, and, after all these years, still decide to call Berlin their home, have a genuine love story to tell. We asked some of these ‘Ur-Berliners’, with lifelong experience how they would spend a day in Berlin. The results are a collection of hidden gems and nostalgic places that never lose their charm. #whyiheartberlin

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What Bar Type are you? – A Bar & Cocktail Guide for Berlin

What Bar Type are you? – A Bar & Cocktail Guide for Berlin

Monkey Bar, 25h Hotel

One of the things that’s awesome about Berlin is the fact that it has something for every taste. This applies not just to the art galleries that range from big snobby ones to small playful ones, or the theater culture that has big name actors on huge stages on the one side and experimental pieces in improvised settings on the other. It is also something that you will notice in terms of nightlife. There is basically a party for every type of crowd and for every taste in music. The same goes for the bars and this is something I want to explore today.

What bar type are you? You like the classic ones with the best cocktails in the city? Or are you all about friendly and cosy atmosphere? Or do you like to have an awesome view over the city while sipping on your long drink? In our new comprehensive Bar Guide for Berlin we tried to split up the bar scene of Berlin by different types and give you some recommendation for every taste and occasion.

To save you from having to study the drinks menu for 10 minutes in every bar before you know what to order we consulted the cocktail archive of and selected a few suitable drinks for each of our bar types. This website comes in handy when you are looking the right cocktail for you as you can search by occasion, spirit or ingredient and also have a look at the recipes that range from cocktail classics to new trendy drinks. Very practical! But now enjoy our bar and cocktail guide after the jump!

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The Year’s First Partyguide

Alley Cat

Miserable miserable party life. Drum ‘n Bass relict Icon gives up and celebrates the last big night. Well, they still have Gretchen. What else is on this weekend plus how you can win tickets for What Club, right after the nasty jump: Read on…

September Partyguide

Ena Wild

The summer hole only had an end and we are sliding into a crazy month. Berlin Festival, Music Week, Stattbad Reopening, Birthday Celebrations, but for now let’s get to this weekend’s parties, well considered after the jump:

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In The Heat Of The Night

Sick Girls

It’s sticky and hot and we won’t find sleep in the heat of the night. Oh and it’s full moon as well, ahh, that is why I practically spend the night staring at the ceiling. Perfect party conditions I’d say. Who needs sleep anyway? Parties after the jump:

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Anybody Out There?

Shadow Dancer

I wonder if someone is reading this, everybody seems to hang out in a cafe or park these days. Will you please bother having a look on these wonderful recommendations I have carefully chosen! As usual you find them after the jump:

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Youthful Partyguide

The Fountain of Youth

Young forever! New studies have proven, if you only dance enough, you’ll certainly age more slowly. A lack of sleep is also very useful. Or a sip out of the fountain of youth. Where you’ll find that one, I tell you after the jump:

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Boy of Girl of Party


Boy of Girl

This weekend the .HBC is going strong again with a bunch of interesting events, concerts and exhibitions. Apart from that we also have a crazy old harp player, dancing gay bears and some roaring twenties in our latest party guide. Proceed after the jump…

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