Restaurant Feliu in Neukölln

Restaurant Feliu in Neukölln

Even though I am a big fan of Spain I have to admit that I have never really gotten used to the Spanish cuisine. There hasn’t been one Spanish restaurant here in Berlin yet, that I truly enjoyed eating at. Gladly this has changed now. Let me introduce you to Feliu. It’s a brand new Spanish restaurant in the Kreuzkölln area that I was lucky to try out last week. And it was quite delightful!

The place is located at Pflüger, quite close to the subway stop Schönleinstaße. The candle-lit interior has the typical urban-rustic style of Neukölln and Kreuzberg, with lots of little details and antiques, think of Das Hotel. We felt quite comfortable in the place and were warmly welcomed. We tried out as many things as possible on the menu including vegetarian and fish starters, meaty main courses and chocolaty desserts. Unlike most of the Spanish dishes that I have been served so far everything was really arranged with a good sense of style and love to details. Some of the courses almost looked Asian, which was quite unusual.

The baked egg plant with cheese was really good, so was the pork main course. But the absolute hightlight was the chocolate cake, very rich in taste! And to our big surprise everything was unusually inexpensive for the area. No main course was over 13 EUR. I’ll definately dine here again soon and will probably try out the duck. We also heard they have an amazing Paella for brunch on Sundays. Enjoy our impressions and the details after the jump!

UPDATE: Sadly this place has closed down 🙁

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