Listening with my eyes

Ebon Heath - Listening with my eyes

No, it’s not the sequel to Eyes Wide Shut (ok, that was lame, sorry) but something much, much better – a new Font exhibition! You know we love our Fonts – and this Friday we’re totally going to go check out Ebon Heath‘s Listening With My Eyes opening reception at the Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery (what some of you might know as ProjektGALERIE) in Torstrasse. More info after the jump.

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Font Heroes – Buchstabenmuseum

There are a few things that pull at my heart-strings such as the smell of coffee, art, flea markets, beaches, bubbles and fonts. You know the feeling, it starts your tummy and runs up your spine Sometimes it ends in a high. Like buying a new pair of shoes. Or lying on your favourite beach. Or reading something on your favourite font.

And so, I was very excited as my attention was recently drawn towards the Buchstabenmuseum (Museum of the Letter) in Mitte. They’re real font heroes in my opinion. If you’re curious to know why, then read on after the jump.

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