The Window Decorator


Decorating a window in a shopping mall has always been a kitschy little dream of me. I especially like the ones from the twenties and thirties, very fancy! This dream can actually come true now as we of iHeartBerlin will get a shopping window to decorate at the Galerie Lafayette for two weeks starting on October 4th. Katja and Jessie will do the same in the two weeks before. Looking forward to see what they come up with. This all is part of the campaign La Mode C’est Vous that I have told you about before here. You can still apply to participate in the longest runway show in world until September 23.

La Mode C’est Vous!


On September 30th the Galerie Lafayette is organizing the biggest runway show in the world: La Mode C’est Vous! The event will take place simultanously on the streets of Paris and Berlin. And the models will not be professional models but YOU in your favorite fabulous outfits (professionally styled or course). You can apply and vote until September 23rd here. See you on the runway…